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Prepregs are pre-impregnated composite fibres in a polymer matrix which can cured with temperature and as well with pressure in an autoclave. Depending on the resin system this curing can start already at 60°C but as well at much higher temperatures.
With the fibre reinforcement nearly everything is possible. The fibres can be in glass, carbon or aramid, UD fibres, woven roving’s or non scrimp fabrics (NCF’s).



As an official distributor of Hexcel, POLYchem offers an extensive product portfolio of prepregs.

Hexcel brands - prepreg


HexPly® prepregs are fiber-reinforcements impregnated with epoxy, phenolic, BMI or cyanate ester resin.



HexMC® is a high performance carbon fiber/epoxy molding material, suitable for aerospace applications.



HexTool® tooling materials are multiaxial or quasi isotropic high temperature prepregs used for the manufacture of tools used for molding aerospace components.



HexBond™ covers our full adhesives range, including film adhesives, foaming films, primers, liquid shims and paste adhesives.