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Reinforcement Carbon

Carbon fiber is emerging as the material of the future. Very strong and lightweight, carbon-fiber-based materials are used in a variety of applications where weight savings, emissions reduction, durability and energy efficiency are key performance factors.

As a result, carbon fiber has the potential to enable new levels of performance in high growth industries such as wind energy, transportation and infrastructure.

Partner carbon

Hexcel brands - carbon


PrimeTex® is a range of carbon fabrics which have been processed for a smooth, closed weave and uniform cosmetic appearance.
The fiber tows are spread in both the warp and weft direction for unique aesthetic appeal.




HexForce® is a complete range of reinforcements for composites in carbon, glass, aramid and hybrids.



HiMax® multiaxial reinforcements, or non-crimp fabrics (NCF), are made up of multiple plies of parallel fibers, each laying in a different orientation or axis. These layers are typically then stitch bonded to form a fabric.




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