POLYchem hat auch im Jahr 2020 erfolgreich am Bewerb Austria's Leading Companies teilgenommen!


With our suppliers INEOS, Sika and Italbeit we offer a series of resins which covers polyester, expoyde, venylester, polyurethane and fire-retardent resins.

With our extensive product range, we can serve a variety of applications for a wide variety of industries. Worldwide brands such as Aropol, Polaris, Hetron, Modar, AME, Arotran, Neulon, Envirez and Derakane stand for quality and individual solutions for your product.

General purpose

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Low emission systems

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Fire retardant systems

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AME epoxy vinyl resins

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Pultrusion systems

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SMC/BMC resins

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Cast marble, solid surface

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CIPP/Inliner resins

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Resins for panel and sheet production

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Partners Resins


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