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Raw materials for paints & lacquers

Paints and lacquers are part of our lives in many areas. Houses, cars, furniture, mobile phones, even our cloths and many other household items are coated with paint and lacquer.

For the production of paints and lacquers, we offer resins and the necessary additives from BYK. Due to these additives defoaming, wettability, surface condition or water resistance can be improved.

An important aspect of the paint and lacquer industry is the individual and flexible colour composition. With the colourants and tinting machinery from CHROMAFLO Group, we offer customised systems for decorative or industrial applications.

To protect building exteriors from weather conditions, silicone resins and hydrophobising additives are essential. In this area we offer a broad spectrum of solutions with our partner Rudolf Group.

Partners Paints & Lacquers