POLYchem hat auch im Jahr 2020 erfolgreich am Bewerb Austria's Leading Companies teilgenommen!


POLYchem Tooling offers a wide range of liquid resins (Biresin®) and boards (Sika Block®) for the construction of models, moulds and final parts. These products are based on polyurethane and epoxide. Together with our customers, we develop solutions for various tailored applications.

In the area of silicone moulding, we focus on RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) silicone systems called KÖRAFORM, ALPA-SIL and ALPATEC. Applications for these systems are found in mould construction, rapid prototyping, tampo print, art moulding and other customised applications. Our partner in silicone moulding is CHT Bezema.

We also offer the composite material Acrystal, which is based on liquid acryl resin and natural minerals. It is mainly used for creative model construction through casting or laminating in the areas of architecture, art and decor.

In addition to the technical knowhow, our employees offer many years of practical experience.

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