POLYchem hat auch im Jahr 2020 erfolgreich am Bewerb Austria's Leading Companies teilgenommen!


Customer orientation

The focus is on the needs of our customers. We have made increasing quality a top priority and thus achieving the greatest possible customer satisfaction. We strive to understand the expectations, requirements and wishes of our customers exactly and to keep the promises made in every case. In addition, we strive to offer our customers the best quality goods and to guarantee a high-quality consultation and processing process.



Supplier orientation

We are convinced that only through continuous development together with our suppliers can a lasting basis for the development of our group be created. Through the careful selection and partnership relationship with our suppliers, we ensure that our customers can be offered quality products.



Employee orientation

The foundation and the mainstay of the POLYchem-Group are our highly motivated and qualified employees, who on the one hand, through their independent action and, on the other hand, through their team-oriented work, contribute to the quality improvement of the entire group. Particular importance is attached to a respectful and familiar togetherness. Appropriate information transfer and subject-specific training and further education of the individual employees are supported.



We pursue our economic targets with the greatest precision and focus on efficient service provision while taking quality improvement into account. We want to convince the competition through our customer-oriented pricing and the range of subjectspecific quality products from all over the world. The principle of avoiding errors before eliminating errors.