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On 16 March 2016 the second RIM Day, organized by the SikaAxson distributor POLYchem took place in Zagreb, Croatia.

SikaAxson is a global leader in the supply and development of high performance resin products in the market segment Tooling and Composites. With its global distributor network SikaAxson products are available all over the world.

POLYchem – a tradition Austrian wholesale enterprise for tooling systems for the model and mould construction as well as raw materials, additives and machinery for composite manufacturing has subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia.

The RIM-Day, which took place in Hungary the first time in 2015, targets RIM interested clients and customers to inform about the RIM process itself, innovation and advantages of using the RIM process in the rapid production process.

For the second RIM-Day, POLYchem invited RIM interested clients and customers from Croatia and Serbia to inform about RIM processes and the SikaAxson RIM product range.
Furthermore, the equipment manufacturer Dekumed, located in Bernau, Germany, also took part at the event and presented its system engineering.

The one-day event took place in the university of Zagreb, faculty of mechanical engineering, under the lead of Prof. Madlen Sercer.

SikaAxson, Dekumed and Polychem presented their companies, gave facts and figures about their companies and product ranges. Furthermore, Nedenska Boduljak from POLYchem Croatia gave an overview about the RIM process.

Furthermore, the participants had the chance to see the products in application. Rolf Todtenhaupt (SikaAxson) and Andreas Vallée (Dekumed) presented the processing of the SikaAxson products RIM631 as well as Biresin RG53 with the applications with the Dekumed systems Unidos 100 and Unidos 200. The participants were very interested in seeing the products in handling and application. The demoulding was also shown after a short time.

Furthermore there were some exhibits of final parts with different properties and characteristics shown.
Prof. Sercer from the university of Zagreb supported the event by showing his equipment and rooms and his new 3D printer as well as cooperation projects with the local economy.

The second RIM-Day was a successful event for all participants. It is planned to continue this successful event in 2017.

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